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Celebrating the move to a new house! What a big day!

Give the new owners a special personalised gift with their names, picture or special message printed. It will help the ‘housewarming’ go quicker and with that personalised present they will soon be able to call their new house ‘home’!
From personalised clocks to doormats, browse through all our housewarming photo gifts to find your favourite personalised gift for a new house!

Housewarming gift

Are you looking for a nice housewarming gift? Maybe because your sister has moved to a new house or because your best friend is moving in together with her partner? Fungifts helps you to find the best housewarming gift to take to a housewarming party.

Gift new house

Of course you can also give the gift when you visit the person to see the new house. A gift for a new house is thoughtful, can be used immediately in the new house and often looks nice in the interior. There are many different kinds of gifts you can give to celebrate someone’s new home. An original personalised housewarming gift will make everyone happy. We have a wide range, so you will always find a gift. Difficult to find a housewarming gifts that suit the new house? With Fungifts, that is no problem at all! With our user-friendly design tool, you can make your gift personal in just a few clicks!

Gift co-habitation

At Fungifts you can also find a gift for a couple that is moving in together. In our wide range you’ll find many housewarming gifts for couples who are moving in together. Because they are personalised, our housewarming gifts are unique and always stand out in any interior. This way, the couple can immediately think of you when they glance at the gift in their new home.

Make sure you reward their successful move with a thoughtful housewarming gift. Because a new house means a big housewarming party! Find new and exciting designs for the home. Need inspiration? Browse our range online now!

What to give as a housewarming gift? When it comes to choosing a gift for a friend or family member’s housewarming party, cast your net wide, from practical to just plain fun. Whether they have moved into their first home or simply into a new and improved flat. Check out the range of personalised housewarming gifts here at Fungifts.